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Based on a true story ? :)

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Scott, this is a great start to what I am sure will be a great read. Riveting narration, well-paced. My only qualm is the little bit of profanity, which stings my Christian ears. Especially since it comes from a fellow Christian whom I respect and admire.

Of course I know that this form of discourse is common among sailors, so many writers feel compelled to employ it for the sake of "realism". It may even have been what you actually said or thought on that occasion. I know that this sort of language has not been characteristic of your Substack posts. Perhaps this incident was prior to your conversion to Christ. Perhaps a slip of the tongue or moment of weakness, such as we all have. We must all answer to Christ for every idle word.

In a world besotted with foul language and blasphemy at every hand, I resort to writers such as yourself to enjoy a respite from this unnecessary and demeaning verbal sludge. Somehow skilled English writers were able to make their points and entertain their readers for centuries without staining their pages with such words, sadly the new norm.

You will not lose me a reader because of an occasional vulgarity, but still I would be grateful if you choose to forgo it. I believe you have the literary gifts to write powerfully and enjoyably without such words. Either way, I am rooting for you, my brother.

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